Alternative & Renewable  energy   Solutions with PlanMyPower

PlanMyPower is suppliers and designers of Solar energy power  systems, solutions and the relevant Solar components such as Solar Panels, Solar regulators, Solar Deep Cycle  Batteries,  DC to AC Power Inverter and we do  UPS Systems for Back-Up power to assist with load shedding periods.  

For the 4x4 and mobile power requirements we offer Solar Power solutions Unipower Vehicle-mounted welder-generators, PowerTek vehicle-mounted generators, in addition to dual battery systems and high charge alternator systems.

PMP (PlanMyPower) is alternative and renewable energy  distributor, technical adviser, designer, and manufacturer of various unique power-related products throughout Africa and beyond.

We  situated in Gauteng. Johannesburg South Africa, and originated from a consultation company in the field of Alternative Energy solutions, renewable energy & Power Electronic products.

We focus mainly in medium and small power range market sector. This power range fits into applications such as mobile and portable power, the residential photovoltaic Solar energy   for houses, homes and offices.

As a company we have over 30 years of experience in mobile power systems for 4x4, emergency and military vehicles. Other Product ranges include, multiple battery management systems, high charge alternators, 3 stage regulators, battery monitors, portable chargers, Unipower Multi-Function welder-generators, as well as PowerTek mobile generators.

PlanMyPower Solar Panel and alternative energy systems and solutions

Our product range:


Peak UPS and Power Backup Inverter-chargerT3-UPS-power-backup-inverter-charger

We offer a wide range of UPS and Power backup systems, ideal for load shedding from 2 hours to 1 hours, systems adopted to your requirements. As Power backup inverter , we mainly use the PEAK range of inverter-charger systems, but can design a applicable solar power backup range of options, please refer to our power backup website for more detail sien ook ons afrikaanse beurtkrag

DC to AC power inverteOmniPower DC to AC Power Inverterr

Victron Multiplus DC AC Power Inverter

DC to AC power inverters range from Victron & Omnipower - a company with more then 30 years of experience in DC to AC Power  inverters. Includes the modified sine wave power inverters as well as pure sine wave power inverters.  The Range of  power inverters is designed for photovoltaic solar panel systems and  Power backup application, Some of the units are inverter- battery charger units.  Visit our Inverter website for more detail.

Solar Panels ,Photovolatiac  Solar energy Systems and Solutions

solarpanel used for solar power energy solutions

Solar Panels used for all solar power systems and solutions ,PMP sources its   panels from specialised manufacturers of ‘A’ grade panels. We assist clients in compiling solar energy solutions for Houses and  offices, Bush Camps, Holiday houses  RDP houses, 4x4 vehicles and other specific applications required by our clients. Visit our solarpanel solutions website.

We supply,design and consult on all  photovoltaic  Solarpanel energy  systems and solutions   Visit our solar energy systems website- of sien ons tuiste in afrikaans sonkrag

AC to DC Solar Battery Chargers

Victron High Frequency IP65 Solar Battery Chargerbatterycharger-2

AC to DC high frequency Solar battery chargers. This battery charger range offers a price-competitive, lightweight range both 12V and 24V configurations. The battery chargers are well-suited to mobile and portable power tasks as well as general solar systems and solar solutions applications. Visit the Battery Charger website.


Deep Cycle Solar and Power Backup Batteries

  Monobat 180A Deep Cycle Solar BatteryRoyal 1150 Semi Deep Cycle Solar and UPS battery


PMP offers a range of  deep cycle solar batteries from 50 – 3000 amp.hour designed specifically for solar systems & solutions, UPS & Power backup and recreational -applications. Please visit our deep cycle solar battery page

Monobat 180A.h VRLA Deep Cycle Solar Battery

Royal 1150 Semi Deep Cycle Solar Battery

Victron IP 65 high frequency solar battery charger

Power Master High frequency battery charger

250W Poly Solar Panel

Victron Multiplus DC AC Power Inverter

Omnipower DC AC Power Inverter

T3 UPS & Power Backup inverter

Peak- Power Backup inverter-charger

Mono and Poly crystalline Solar PanelMono and Poly Solar Panels, from 10W to 300W

Victron Multiplus Power DC AC Inverter Charger

Victron Multiplus DC AC Power Inverter-Charger, ideal for Solar solutions

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